Alicia Mitchell

Alicia Mitchell

Adventure and Family Travel

Your passion is my passion, let me help you plan the trip of your dreams!

Hello Everybody! If you are navigating this webpage, chances are we already have something in common - TRAVEL!

To me travel means esacping from your every day routine, embracing and relishing in discovering someplace new. It's also about relaxing and recharging, and rediscoverting your inner self. Travel presents amazing opportunites to learn something new about the world and yourself and have a great time doing it. This is why it's my passion.

I would love to help you plan your trip! After taking some time off to raise my children, I rediscovered a love of travel, and of learning about different places and cultures. I can help you plan a fabulous family vacation with sun, sand and adventures. Or maybe you are more interested in learning to cook the local cuisine in Thailand (is a food allergy/intolerance holding you back? I can help you navigate foriegn food options)? Your passion is my passion, let me help plan the trip of your dreams!

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